Filter Press Cloth

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Filter Press Cloth

Filter press cloth is applied in industries such as dyes and pigments, metallurgy, mining, chemicals,etc as an effective and affordable equipment of solid-liquid separation. As an essential factor of filter press, filter cloth plays an important role to ensure clear filtration, dry filter cake and short filter cycle.

ETP - Effluent Treatment Plant Filter Cloth

Filter press cloth is made to treat the effluents from the factories, which can be reused for secondary purposes in the factory. The waste water from industries is contaminated with by-products, washing and cleaning agents, solvents etc. The plant is designed to treat the waste water so that the clean water then can be discharged safely into the environment.

Advantages of ETP :

  • - Reduce off-site treatment cost.
  • - Unnecessary water usage during the processing is eliminated.
  • - Helps reduce the contamination of natural water bodies and make the environment safe for others.
  • - This is the most cost-effective and environmental- friendly method.

Zero Leakage Rrcess Type Filter Cloth

It is also called zero leak filter press cloth. Major benefits of this design are Zero leak Recess Type Filter Plate leakage because ‘O’ Ring seats around the sealing edge and filtrate hole secure tight seal when the plate pack is closed.